Testimonials from Businesses

Enigmatic and Engaging

This guy is the most enigmatic, engaging and charming professional on the circuit right now. His attention to detail and exception client care skills make him an easy contact to keep. His effortless friendly approach to all he does is contagious. This guy makes me want to walk in 6 ft of snow to hear him speak – true story !

Highly recommended.

Nicola K Smith
Business Owner, Lawyer, Network Professional

Emotional and Engaging

I was lucky enough to listen to Steve’s inspirational talk at abusiness conference recently. The whole room was silent and hanging on his every word as Steve delivered an emotional,engaging and thoughtful talk. If you get a chance to listen to his amazing story, grab it with both hands.

Nicola Posner

Be the best you can be

Truly inspiring and motivational speaker. If you need help overcoming excuses to be the best you can be to achieve on your personal AND professional goals, then I highly recommend Steve’s keynote! But beware…he is possibly one of the most goal orientated people you will ever meet – ask him about his unique take on ‘benchmarking’!

Claire Carlsberg
Managing Director, JPC Ltd

Inspirational and Engaging

Steve recently spoke at our annual conference. He is a very inspirational and engaging motivational speaker. I would recommend anyone with a workforce/sales force to look at using Steve at a conference to motivate staff.

Graham Burton DipPFS
Associate Financial Consultant, Clayton Holmes Naisbitt Financial Consultancy LLP

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