Be the Best that you can be

A goal is but a dream without a plan to achieve it

No regrets

We all have time; it's how we cultivate that time as to what we achieve

Speaker of the Year 2018, 2017

Yorkshire PSA

Steve’s uplifting, poignant and yet humorous performance helps people to realise their own goals and turn adversities into golden opportunities within their business, personal and social life.

As Motivational Speaker he takes the audience on an inspiring journey following his commitment and achievements through rehabilitation from being told that he may never walk again when both of his legs were crushed.

UK Contact: Email:

Mobile: 07939 220 784

How can Steve help you?


Personal Life Coach

From my coaching sessions I help people to realise their dreams, turn them into their goals and work towards their goals.


Keynote Speaker

I am an established international TEDx motivational speaker with a journey to share that will leave the audience inspired to stop leaning on their excuses and work towards their goals. Suitable for small teams, businesses, conferences, schools and charities

I have performed at numerous events for businesses, corporations, schools and charities.


Workshops: Reach your Gold

Learn my winning formula how to S.M.A.S.H through the barricades to reach your Gold in one of my proven workshops. Workshops are tailored for businesses, schools and education and personal achievements.

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