Moving and Uplifting – the students were hooked

I was privileged to hear Steve address 170 Sixth Form students. Sometimes ‘inspirational speakers’ can seem unrealistic or, worse, patronising, especially to young people. Neither charge applies to Steve. From the first words, he had our attention; his story and his message were both moving and uplifting. His lively delivery, backed by the poignant images on screen, hit exactly the right level and took us with him on every (sometimes painful, always determined) step of his programme to achieving his goals and his gold medals. You can tell when an audience is hooked…and our students were.

Speaking to individual students the day after, it was clear that they had enjoyed and seen the relevance of his presentation, not only to higher life goals, such as a career or dream achievement, but also to the stresses of daily work and gaining academic qualifications. They appreciated him admitting his human vulnerability when he was very down, when he cried, and how he came back from those times. This is important: a speaker who seems too good to be true probably is. Steve is true, showing his methods and his motivation to be genuine.

I commend him with confidence.

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