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Thanks for coming into our school today

Thanks for coming into our school today. You have showed me never to back down and never lean on excuses. You are an inspiration to me and everybody else. Good luck on your next race . I am going to face everything to a different level from now on.


Firth Park well and truly inspired

@SteveJudge Firth Park well and truly inspired!! A beautiful and inspiring talk – kids bowled over. Opened some young minds today! Thanks x

Firth Park Academy

Absolutely Astonishing

“Thanks ever so much for coming to our school and inspiring the kids today. Your inspirational speech was warmly listened to; in fact I’ve never heard them all so quiet and gave us food for thought. Absolutely astonishing. After seven years of pain and determination. A marvellous demonstration of human body to overcome adversity and achieve great things, when the heart and mind are willing and the attitude is so positive and vibrant. Truly life-affirming.

You enabled everyone to think about short and long term goals and make us feel anything is possible. They absolutely loved it and haven’t stopped talking about your journey and as a school we have talked about your motivational messages that you mentioned. Thank you very much for taking your personal time out and coming to our school.”


Mr P Cummings - Headteacher
Eckington School

Truly moving and inspirational

A truly moving and inspiring speaker!  Steve captivated the whole room with his professional and enthusiastic style, and his positive outlook in the face of adversity had an immediate effect on the audience! I hope I cross paths with you again and I, along with many others, will be talking about the evening for a very long time.

Robert Forster - Student and Athletic Union Executive Committee
Loughborough University

Moving and Uplifting – the students were hooked

I was privileged to hear Steve address 170 Sixth Form students. Sometimes ‘inspirational speakers’ can seem unrealistic or, worse, patronising, especially to young people. Neither charge applies to Steve. From the first words, he had our attention; his story and his message were both moving and uplifting. His lively delivery, backed by the poignant images on screen, hit exactly the right level and took us with him on every (sometimes painful, always determined) step of his programme to achieving his goals and his gold medals. You can tell when an audience is hooked…and our students were.

Speaking to individual students the day after, it was clear that they had enjoyed and seen the relevance of his presentation, not only to higher life goals, such as a career or dream achievement, but also to the stresses of daily work and gaining academic qualifications. They appreciated him admitting his human vulnerability when he was very down, when he cried, and how he came back from those times. This is important: a speaker who seems too good to be true probably is. Steve is true, showing his methods and his motivation to be genuine.

I commend him with confidence.

Mike Downie - Head of Careers
Royal Grammar School

Spell Bound

Steve addressed a gathering of young people and adults and left them inspired and spell bound about his story – facing up to what could be seen as an impossible challenge and yet with the right mindset and determination, could be overcome. Steve’s story is unique, emotional but yet inspirational. I would recommend him to anyone who has a team that is down beat, demotivated or think they have got the worse challenge of all – they wont be after a session with Steve. Great value and a GREAT guy!

Greg Stewart - Assistant Bursar
Bishop's Stortford College

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